Finished class prep, headed

May 20, 2003

Finished class prep, headed out around 4:00.

Got there at 4:45. Was not hungry, so grabbed a handful of raisins rather than buying fast food.

Class went fairly well. Folks trickled in late, but it looks like I will keep most of the students. I did not cover all I wanted (I usually don't) but got through Virginia through slavery, Mass Bay through family government, and we read about half of John Winthrop's "Model of Christian Charity".

I have not yet looked at the homework, folks are being slow to get their books.

Home, was vaguely hungry but mostly wanted the taste of dairy. Had several glasses of milk and a lot of toast. 1st 3 slices with hummus on them, last slice with ted slime. It was the rich Israeli hummus, I think I blew my fat budget.

I need to spend more time reviewing basics of Christianity before teaching Puritans, some of the folks in class were unfamiliar with the basic concepts. Not sure if they were Jewish or nothingarian, but I just need to explain sacraments and communion if I am going to talk about them.

Read some of Caro's first volume on Lyndon Johnson, with E&B in the background, and now to bed.

Oh, in the last few days I have re-read Eric Flint's Philosophical Strangler and Stephen Brust's Issola. I am out of fiction, was reading Johnson on the Birth of the Modern in the can earlier and now Caro as bedtime reading. Caro is wonderfully well written, but Johnson's early years are not a nice story.

Earlier today I called for a few more books from the library, I was very happy because the county system has something that I was getting ready to head into the city to read. I still need to write my categorization footnote and then return books downtown. And, chapter 4 has a paragraph that can't be completed until I look at a run of Disciplines of the Methodist Episcopal Church. That means a run down to Virginia unless I can find a closer source - remind myself to check the online holdings of the Presby seminary, they might have it in their comparative religion shelving.

And so to bed.

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