Babys are exhausting, especially

May 20, 2003

Babys are exhausting, especially when they are sick.

I have baby duty this morning, J will come home after lunch and take him so I can go teach.

Slept about 1:00 to about 6:30, call it 5 1/2 hours. I will need a nap before teaching.

Breakfast was a bowl of Post great grains with some generic barley cereal sprinkled on top, 1 large slice toast. Baby got in the way of the second toast, and I was not all that hungry anyhow.

Spent the last 45 minutes playing with baby - baby got cranky, was tired not hungry, made him wait until closer to nap time. I predict a short nap with a hungry baby at the other side. So, lets get some good productive work done while he is down.

And so to work.

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