A long day. Up

May 15, 2003

A long day.

Up around 6:45, J was out the door early so I had the baby. Got baby to day care around 8:00, swapped cars with J, then home. Did some paperwork and checked mail, showered, and was running late so breakfast was a glass of milk and 2 slices of toast. Out the door at 9:30.

At 10:10 met a student to give the rescheduled final. I left the exam sheet at home, so I printed out the study guide and picked new questions. It was a harder exam than what the others took so I cut her a little slack. Graded the 6 papers all turned in together and all late from a student in US 2. GOOFED - forgot to deduct the late penalty from them an so the student went away with a C+ and not the D+/C- she deserved. The exam person turned it in, graded that, turned in my grades and was out by 11:30.

Home, filled in the spreadsheet with the extra grades. Lunch was toodle. 1 box max n cheese, extra noodles, cheddar cheese powder, milk, olive oil, margarine, oregeno, 2 cans of tuna. I ate about half, J had another quarter for a snack for her dinner.

Prepped for this afternoon, finished syllabus, had a short nap (dog barked in the middle) hit the bank, hit the library to return books - the thing being held had already gone back -and to take a look at their books on tape. back by 3:00, changed, finished loading bag, and headed out to teach.

It took me just over an hour to head to the military base, left at 3:45 arrived at 4:50. Got a day pass, found my course passes in the classroom. First class went well. The military students are all motivated, all have lots of self-confidence, and are all interested in history. Did some things differently this time, and they worked. Ran through the syllabus, then had them write for 20 minutes on "Who are you?" Then we talked about what is history, got into history and identity, why history matters. They were live for this discussion - I could just step back and let them go.

After the break I lectured on Spain, England, and early Jamestown. I had been pretty scary with the syllabus, so I made it as compelling a story as possible to emphasize the fun in the narrative approach to history. I think most will stick, which would give me 13 to 15 students.

I headed in from rt 616, I headed out past the county college. Even with a wrong turn it took me about an hour - but there was a LOT less traffic. Will look at a map and decide which route is best.

The classroom has overhead projector, vcr and tv, and a white board. I do not like whiteboards - they don't erase properly. I write, erase, write more, leave it up for a while, erase again - chalk is much better for my teaching style. I had to leave some words on the whiteboard - I hope that that was proper protocol. I know I always erase the chalk board before leaving the room, but at TUCC the maintenance folks cleared the white boards between classes because those did not erase properly either.

Home, had salad and 2 squares of pizza. Oh, we ordered pizza from the WRONG place beginning with the letter S at the corner of Church and 73. We need to get more pizza. Also had a mess of raisins in the car.

Read email and calmed down

And so to bed.

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