A day of grading.

May 15, 2003

A day of grading.

I finished the ids mid morning and moved to short essay. Graded the short essay around lunch (leftover chicken and noodles with mayo). Ran the mid-day grading on a pan of cocoa ( 1/4 cup cocoa, 1/2 cup sugar, 4 cups water, a little vanilla extract, a little water). Afternoon snack of buttered noodles - killed the angel hair. Dinner was one plate of leftover curry.

Finished grading the long essay late afternoon, then did the composite re-read. This was a mean exam, it was a hard exam, and some of the kids got chewed up and spit out by their lack of knowledge. I have very little patience for a bullshit exam answer, and some of the kids wrote bullshit. So I ignored those paragraphs, and graded on what was left when you cut out the BS.

J took the baby to choir practice, and after some disruption around dinnertime and baby time I got back to grading. Finished the second read early evening, graded discussion, and started filling in the gaps.

Finished reviewing the kids and filling in the grade sheet around 12:15. So, with breaks for cocoa, for lunch, a longer break for dinner, and some short breaks to walk the hound, do some laundry, or bleeble briefly, I worked 16 hours today - call it 12 hours billable.

Tomorrow I get to grade the student who emailed a semester's worth of work to me tonight, give an exam to someone who got the day wrong, and grade one last emailed paper. Then I can plan for tomorrow afternoon's first class.

My current thought is to have them do a writing exercise, probably early in the class, probably "who are you" - then go through their essays and identify the moments where they define their identity through their heritage, their memories, or their personal histories.

Oh, around dinnertime we got a call from one of the mortgage companies. We have a mortgage, a 5/1 ARM with a rate so low it is practically 19th century money. We also got the house inspection. There are some little things we will ask the seller to fix - painting, gutters, the range - and a few things we will wait to work on until we can control the outcome. It looks like the house is old, is fairly well maintained, and will require CONSTANT work. There go my weekend afternoons.

Late night snack of a bowl of yoghurt with prunes, almonds, and barley bran cereal.

Now we see if all that cocoa will let me sleep.

And so to bed.

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