Well, that was a

April 15, 2003

Well, that was a busy day yesterday.

Started setting up the computer, went to teach, came home for dinner and babysitting, then finished getting the parts together.

Unlike the last time I tried to build a desktop, this time it was easy to get the motherboard and the case to talk to each other. I really don't know what was so hard about J's enlight case. I do know that I LIKE the Ansus cases. If I make a box for my sister I will use an Ansus.

Class went pretty well. Civil rights is compelling. We made it through Birmingham. I will talk about black power and class divisions next week and the week after. Papers were due. Again we had half a dozen students show up a little late and leave at the break. Their actions are recorded in their written performances, but it still bugs me. The folks who stay are a good class, one of the better classes I have taught. I am giving a fair bit of work, and they are doing enough of it and getting involved.

Dinner was a chicken noodle salad made from barbecue leftovers plus some mayo. Was feeling dyspeptic again on the ride home and around dinner time. Babysat and then put baby to bed while J got work done.

Finished putting the computer together around midnight. The only tedious part was figuring out how to connect the USB and Firewire connections from the front of the case to the appropriate bits on the motherboard. Oh, and I messed with the drives a couple of times to get them just how I wanted them. I booted from the old hard drive and backed up data to J's machine.

Not sleepy, not productive, surfed the web till late. This morning I wonder if I was a little cold and thus not sleepy, at the time I blamed dinner or the half-cup of coffee I had on my way out the door.

To bed around 4:00am

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