Ran at 12:12. About

April 14, 2003

Ran at 12:12. About 10 minutes. Same loop as Saturday. I felt better this time, better wind, better posture. My ankles are a little sore, especially left side, but that is why I ease into it.

Spent morning prepping classes, feel good about tonight, feel ok about tomorrow.

The new computer should arrive today, it is on the truck. But will it arrive before I leave for the day?

J. called. She did about 90 minutes of work last night fixing a database. It never updated properly and we can't find it in the recycle bin on this computer. Most likely sequence of events: the zip file did not update correctly, and when she deleted it an older version of the same file deleted from the same directory took precedence in the recycle bin. File management is a bitch. I might get drafted to proof-read the corrections, and the re-doing the data is something J will have to do on her own time. She is busy enough as it is.

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