Baby woke me at

April 15, 2003

Baby woke me at 6:30. Just as well, after being up too late. I declare insomnia, which means NO naps and watch the caffeine. Smaller bowl of Wheaties and germs, parve english muffin, small slice toast. Usual 20 oz pot of half-caff.

Started working on getting Win XP onto the new machine. Swapped to the new hard drive, popped the cd in, and started. It went right into win setup and I would have been good. I halted setup to double check that the new drive was recognized by the bios, it was, but when I restarted it hung while recognizing PCI. After it did that three times I went back in, set the old drive to master, set the new drive to slave, activated both drives at once, and booted off the old to format the new. Doing that now as I write this on J's machine.

Left achilles tendon is sore. NO RUNNING today. Decide about exercycle after teaching.

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