Slept a little after

April 26, 2003

Slept a little after 10:00 to a little after 7:00, about 9 hours! I could have slept even longer. Matzoh Brie for breakfast, to try to get rid of some of the old matzoh. I made coffee for two, but J sez it is too dark and bitter. I think the beans are going stale.

We figured out that the house on Ormond is not worth full asking price to us. We would have to rent extra storage, and at full price we can not afford to do that. We called the realtor's assistant and agreed that she would check with the seller's realtor to see how he came up with that price, and that the place was worth 132 to 136 to us, not the 140 that the seller wants. We will talk again later today and decide if we put in an underbid or no bid at all.

We still like the living space and we like the block, but the commute and the lack of storage is not so good. Now to work. J is home this morning putting the house together after passover, I will be distracted. NOTE - badly behind on both dissertation and grading. Do a lot of grading this weekend.

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