It was a pretty

April 25, 2003

It was a pretty good day.

Spent the morning writing, pushing paragraphs around, filling them in, adding connections. I tried doing it longhand but got confused by all my arrows and pointers, so I fired up wordperfect and started to cut and paste. I had a good quote that, on the first pass, I did not like what I did with it. It is in again with a different writeup. I am being a little repetitive but I think I am getting closer to the tight argument of the precis.

The water was supposedly out today, but every time I flushed the toidy, the tank refilled. Still, I was not confident enough in the water to take a hot shower and run out the water heater.

Had a bowl of soup, then went to the gym mid day. Lifted leg partials and upper back, abs, and exercycle. Showered at the gym, home, and more soup. Gym weight 179.2

  • warmup 4:00 bike, stratch, hcp bar*10

  • lat pulldown 60*12, 100*3, 130. more warming up
  • freehand hamstring curl, cable assist, -50*5, -30
  • superset

    • pullups, wide grip. 4, 3 1/2
    • hamstring curl, cable assist, -20*5, 5. increase

  • leg extension, cybex machine, 50*5, 60, 70, 80*8,8. work sets were 1 leg, leg to leg to leg.
  • db bent row, kneeling, L 1st, 50*5, 75, 85*5,4. Repeat 85
  • standing calf, 90*12, 180*8, 230*8
  • cable biceps curl, low pulley, 25*5, 50*5, 60*5. elbows crept forward last set, do 55 next.
  • decline crunch, shallow bench, freehand*25, 40#db * 10. Short ROM on second set, weight was too heavy.
  • swiss ball crunch, blue ball, 12,12

cardio: recline cycle, 20 resist, 55 rpm, 30 minutes, 688 "calories"

Spent the late afternoon walking the hound and prepping for a house visit at 5:30. Should have been grading, but got nothing done. Did do a little more puttering on the dissertation. I am behind on grading.

Looked at the house on Ormond. It is nice living space, gorgeously presented, well landscaped, with bright open spaces. We liked the living space. There is no attic, it is a Dutch Colonial, and the basement gets damp regularly because it is next to a lake. We like being next to the lake because of the park, but it means that we should not store books or boxed fabric in that basement. We decided to sleep on it.

Went home, had a quick dinner of chicken in mushroom gravey over linguine, spent the night hashing out the house. Sam never got his bath.

To bed around 10:00, both of us very tired.

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