What a day! We

April 26, 2003

What a day!

We bid 135 for Ormond Ave, and then started getting depressed talking about the options available for us and the trouble we have been having finding something. Then, about an hour later, the realtor calls and the sellers accepted our bid! They were there when we looked at it and I guess that Sam was a hit, also we said nice things about what they had done with the house while asking about water in the basement, settling, etc. Our agent also pushed them on the age of the kitchen, lack of central air, etc. I suspect that they made a nice profit from fixing up the house, but if we buy at 135 we should do ok from owning it.

We sign on monday or tuesday, then start bringing in inspectors. Murphy sez that about an hour after we sign on this one we will get a call from the folks at Rose Lane wanting us to honor the contract they walked out of. But we can live with that.

Lunch was a bowl of soup at 11:45 and a big glass of khefir and a cookie around 3:00. We are almost done with that soup.

Spent much of the day grading papers. My mind goes numb from grading. It is hard to concentrate, even with a mild distraction running on the 'puter for me to look at between papers. Without it, I either need to really concentrate, like the time I graded papers on the couch at J's dad's house, or I just can't get through them. Put letters on all the exams, commented a few, graded about 20 homeworks.

J spent the day putting Passover away. After I write this I get to go move boxes full of dishes. We now have the kitchen back to normal, fast work by J. The kitchen was a mess at dinner and neither of us wanted to cook, so we celebrated the house offer by going out for Chinese to a local family restaurant. The baby was a big hit, as usual. It was good food, some clever and creative dishes, a little greasier than I like but that is Chinese food. What struck me was that the dishes were better designed than executed - the orange beef was made with slices of orange peel. The slices gave the beef a good orange flavor, especially on the front of the tongue - it was bright and colorful. But, most bites had too many bits of orange peel and the orange flavor became overpowering. They may have expected diners not to eat the strange strips in the food, but I think someone's hand slipped. SImilarly the Dan Dan noodles were different and interesting, and the flavor was overwhelmed by sesame oil. We liked it, we might be back, but I have to be picky about food.

After dinner I graded more, J folded laundry - I had run 5 loads this afternoon while she babysat and played with dishes.

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