Read news. J woke

April 12, 2003

Read news. J woke at 8:30, cranky because she had to be somewhere at 10:00 and I had not known to chase her out of bed. Running a little late - I get to babysit this morning. Had considered going to the gym, but gym daycare ends at noon and my workout today is odd. I am due for shoulders and OL, but with legs again tomorrow then no OL. Decided to lift dumbells at home later today. So, spend the morning with the baby. I was in the mood to hear "In the Mood" and discovered that the baby LIKES Glen Miller! I need to play more swing and more jazz.
Breakfast was 1 bowl wheaties with generic grape-nuts equivalent sprinkled on top, 1 english muffin with berry jam, 2 slices home made toast with the Febrary marmalade, coffee (brewed half-caff).

Did some reading for Monday, the Boyer text is pretty good on JFK. Started baby laundry. Waiting for baby to nap so that I can shower - should probably lift before then now that I have had a chance to digest breakfast.

Still have a little bit of acid reflux, mild, not painful, but an awareness at the back of the throat. Still, if this is my version of the gut bug that J got, I am most extremely lucky.

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