I RAN First time

April 12, 2003


First time in months!

It was sort of funny. I spent more time changing into full running armor (2 knee braces, support shorts to keep my thighs from chafing, socks, orthotics, shoes, puce green running shorts, and a t-shirt) and stretching than I spent running. I ran for about 10 to 12 minutes at 14 to 18 minute pace. It was slow and plodding. It was a short enough run that I never got past the part where my legs hurt - the hurt does not go away until I have done half a mile to a mile - but I could tell that all the time on the exercycle was helping. Running form and foot-plant varied with the hill, some heel, some midfoot, a little bit of forefoot. My natural stride is still a midfoot, I just concentrated on short steps and keeping my landing foot under my center of gravity.

I then went home, showered, and iced my knees.

J cooked dinner: two big chicken breasts, 2 sticks of broccolli, onion, hot pepper, soy sauce, and a canned chinese sauce. Served over rice. We ate 2/3 of it, I had two large helpings.

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