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April 13, 2003

Read class reading for for Tuesday. J home, talked about Passover planning. Did some class planning.

Talked to Bonnie the real estate agent. She likes a little house on Rose Hill. She sort of wants us to see a condo and an even smaller house.

Lunch was leftover lemon chicken with fetuccine. Added some fetuccine (spelling?) because there was too much chicken. I like the de cecco pasta, shame it is a buck more a box than the adequate San Georgio.

Went to the storage area around 3:00. Picked up 6 boxes of passover gear. That storage area is pretty darn full - 10 by 20 with a narrow aisle down the middle.

Leg day, new split.
gym weight (with shoes and lifting clothes) 189.0
6:00 cycle, stretch, scp bar *10, oh squat bar *10, fr squat bar * 10
Squat, power style: bar *10, 135*3, 185, 225, 245*5,5. Increase first set next week.
First set had me seeing stars, half-piking on last rep. Second set I led with my shoulders, was more upright and stronger.
Deadlift, traditional style. 135*3, 225, 275, 305* IV, IV. Second set, needed an extra breath before 3rd rep, several breaths before 4th rep. Increase to 315.
Front squat: 135*3, 175*5,5. Increase.
Good Morning 135*3, 185*0 - too heavy and did not push, 135*8
Pull throughs, low cable, wide stance, 120*8
cardio: recline cycle, 35 minutes, 16 resist, 62 to 64 rpm, 634 "calories"
shower, post workout naked weight 175 1/2

Felt good, was a heavy workout. Will do something for chest on Tuesday, Olympic lifts and a leg breakdown on Thursday, back on Friday. Not sure where to put shoulders, probably Friday.

Home, J made barbecue. ate one chicken breast, a mess of pasta, some grilled veggies. Was a little dyspeptic all day, made worse after straining during lift.

After dinner we drove around Rose Hill. The neighborhood is lots of little 50 year old houses, with basements, near a river park. It looks like GI bill houses, originally all alike. Now they are all different - raised roofs, sun rooms, extensions, some have added entire floors. It is well kept and highly convenient. We might well be able to resell if we had to. We look at the house tomorrow morning.

Some puttering, read Freehling's book on the road to secession while thinking about what to teach on Tuesday.

Looking back at my morning goals, I got almost nothing done. Why? The gym took time, mid-day took time, dinner and looking at houses took time, and I was not aggressive about carving out my own time. Of course, J needed some time mid day and early evening for her work. Someone had to sit on the baby. Early to bed, unless I get cranky and get a second wind.

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