Long day, not been

April 17, 2003

Long day, not been updating. To bed after 1:00 last night, up at 7:00. Very tired. No naps today, and here it is 12:30 already. I have to watch this late night rattling.

It was endlessly more difficult to get win xp set up than it was to get the machine built in the first place. I am having a lot of trouble getting it to identify and work with my software. Wordperfect was crashing on some userids, working on others. The printer only installed properly the fourth time, and so on. I am doing voodoo computing, and I don't like it. I need to find a good manual on Win XP - it is indeed unlike Win 9x.

Passover frenzy today. Lots of dishes, lots of boxes being moved around. Had Po and B over for Seder. Was good to see them, and good for them to see the baby.

We also signed a contract on the house. I don't like the phrasing of the seller's contingency clause. We will run it by our lawyer and get some better language. Big step. I wonder if this is related to the dyspepsia and upwelling bile I have been having for the last week. It might be.

Went to the gym this afternoon. Have been sleeping poorly. This is an odd week for lifting because of Passover. did a mixed upper body workout, not too aggressive.

Gym weight:
3:30 cycle, stretch lightly, hcp bar * 10
barbell bench: bar*10, 95*3, 135, 155*5, 145*4. Had a spot first set, got some help 4th rep. Problems with even extension 2nd set. repeat weight. See below.
Pullups: wide grip 4, neutral grip 4. Keep working on reps.
end superset

dumbbell bench 30*5, 45, 55*5,5 increase

dumbbell bent row, left hand first, 80*5,5. increase

end superset

dumbbell incline press, 45degrees, 35*5, 30*5.

abs: double crunch, 12# medicine ball on head, 12, 12

hanging leg raise: 8, 6

Note: My right front delt was sore during inclines. It was the sort of sore and weak feeling that goes with an injured muscle being worked during its recovery, with an extra twinge around the outward insertion. I may have aggravated the old delt injury last week when I failed a rep on the bench. Put liniment on it, see what I can do to help get strength and control back.

After the brothers left we did a little housework, I worked on computer till tired. Wrote this and now to bed. Posted by Red Ted at April 17, 2003 12:35 PM | TrackBack