I hate insomnia. Slept

April 18, 2003

I hate insomnia.

Slept from a little before 3:00 am to a little after 7:00, call it 4 1/2 hours of sleep. That is not enough. I am slow, awkward and clumsy today. I don't trust my decisions enough for me to start grading. It means that I have to spend the day doing donkey work, or I have to take a nap and start the whole cycle over again.

No naps, yesterday was a special occasion. Also I need to cut back on caffeine even more than I have. 20 oz coffe pot today, but J and I split it.

Breakfast: yoghurt with almonds and raisins and honey, 1.5 slices of matzoh with ted slime and marmalade, a little coffee. Was all I wanted.

Spent the morning benchmarking the computer and finding the flat spaces in my office. I sorted folders, filed about 20 folders, filled a trash can with paper, got the box of fall teaching materials out of the house, and puttered on the computer.

Updated the motherboard drivers, ran the video card driver install again. Got 3dwinmarks of about 4570 with the cpu bus at 166, core at 11x bus speed, and cpu running at about 1800 megaherz. Changed cpu access speed to 200, dropped the multiplier to 9.5x, ran at just under 1900 megaherz, and got winmarks of about 4640. Changing memory use from optimal to aggressive enabled the fancy memory features (YAY) but did not affect the winmark. I still need to try optimal cpu multiplier, 200 bus, and aggressive memory - with optimal cpu, 200 bus, and optimal memory windows refused to load earlier. Temperatures are good, might as well try it.

Lunch was soup and a little matzoh. J makes a very good chicken soup. After lunch went to phoco student loan documents, get cash from the money machine, get a haircut. My barber is a hoot. He is a history fan, he reads popular history and likes to talk about it. For the last couple of months he has been working through McCollugh's book on John Adams. He was confused by the late 1790s. So while I got my hair cut I explained, for the whole barbershop, about John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and the politics of the Quasi-war and the Revolution of 1800. I can tell a good story for history, I found that I just naturally set up a chronology, lay out motivations, and walk people through actions and reactions. It is moments like that that confirm me in my desire to teach. Now to get space for the dissertation.

We also talked some about the Duke of Wellington. I was reminded of what he did to manage his sleep. Regardless of when he went to bed, the first time he got up in the middle of the night was the time he started his day. Instead of getting up to pee and going back to sleep, he would get dressed and get an early start on things. It might be painful to get it started, but perhaps a regime like that would work, where I put myself in the bed at 10:00 and once I get up I start my day. The problem is that I have this fear of lying in bed and not being able to sleep, I don't like to go to bed until I am very tired. If I have something to do, or something to worry about, I stay awake until I know I can sleep. It is bad for me, it is bad for my health, it is terrible for my work. It is hard on J, because I am a lump more often than not. I do hope that part of the not wanting to go sleep is househunting stress, and that I will get back to my more usual 7 hours after we have a decision.

We heard from the sellers. She is ready to sign the contract, he is having cold feet and wants to think about it over the weekend. So, we told our Lawyer not to bother reviewing the contract and we are looking at more things this weekend. If we find something better, we will withdraw the first bid. If not, well, if they bail we will be a bit better prepared because we will not have halted our search.

No lifting today - TOO clumsy and sleepy. I will go sit on the exercycle with a book and wave my legs in circles.

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