Another day, another seder.

April 17, 2003

Another day, another seder.

Slept 1:30 to 7:00, tired. Need to get more sleep at night.

Breakfast: yoghurt with prunes, matzoh, one small sheet with cream cheese and Osem marmalade (They make spectacular marmalade - bright orange flavor, lots of little bits of peel, good texture), a couple of small sheets with ted slime and marmalade. Made the 2 person pot of brewed half-caff, drank about my usual 20 ounces.

Spent morning prepping for classes and running benchmarks on the new computer. I am confused by my motherboard. My cpu is an Athlon 2500 with the Barton core and a front side buss that runs at 333 megahertz. The motherboard will run the cpu at any speed I want as long as it ranges from 100 to 200 megahertz - is that front side bus speed? My memory will run at chip speed - 200 - or at cpu external speed. But my memory chips should be running at 400!

I benchmarked using 3dmark. With cpu at 100 I scored a winmark of about 2800. With cpu at 166 I scored a winmark of about 4800. With cpu at 200 I could not start Win XP. I want to try cpu at 200 and a much lower cpu multiple - don't want to overclock the chip just want to get most of my bandwidth. I plan to do more benchmarking tomorrow.

Ran the same loop I have been running all week. Felt better, more over my feet, quick footsteps. First run in the new Brooks Beast shoes. Oh what a difference between 50 dollar style shoes "low mileage trainers" and 110 dollar motion control monsters. I am alternately being too far over the inside and the outside of my left foot, it depends on if I consciously correct for the collapse. It might be time for new orthotics. Left achilles tendon felt ok before started, a little sore after.

Lunch - leftover brisket, matzah, water. First slice of matzah had some mayo on it, rest had ted slime. Was hungry and ate several sheets. Oh, and some leftover potatoes and carrots.

Ran late, rushed in, got to office before first student came to talk. Was sleepy and bought a large full caff coffee on my way to the elevator. One of the good students came, she has a good paper - got the question, supported her reading with evidence, wrote coherently. The good students at Temple are really quite good.

Class went so so. I spent too much time on Tuesday setting up flags, and too much time today setting up the notion that political parties persist only because they can draw differences between each other. had to end it in 1855 with the early Republican party, had wanted to cane Sumner and get up to 1860 because their papers are due on Tuesday. Oh well. I expect a mixed bag of papers, the folks who started early will do quite well.

Home, very sleepy. Had a snack - chicken soup and a matzoh ball, a sheet of matzah, and a banana. Then took a nap so I could make it through tonight. Drove to New Bunswick for a big family seder. J took the first 20 minutes while I napped some more, then I drove the rest while she napped.

It was good to see people. I feel bad about not being done, I need to work more efficiently. Other people do it, I can do it. It was good to talk to folks. A 9-month old cousin was there, he got to play next to the baby. The baby was a hit - we really did get lucky on this one.

It was a big family seder, I ate a lot, I blew my fat budget. It was good. Had coffee after dinner.

Home, I drove, and walked the hound. I want to get to sleep early.

I fear that my dyspepsia the last couple of weeks is one of: dehydration, too much milk, too much coffee. Drink more water, watch the coffee.

Spent the drive home talking about what to do with the new house. Note, after the drive up I had a cramp in my left calf. Connected to the achilles tendon? Posted by Red Ted at April 17, 2003 11:51 AM | TrackBack