Bedtime post. Really. This

April 18, 2003

Bedtime post. Really. This time I mean it.

Went to the gym, was tired and did not want to play with weights. Sat on exercycle, recline, 40 minutes at 14 resist, 60 to 70 rpm, 625 "calories".

Looked at another house this afternoon, a twin in Voorhees. We liked the space - all our stuff would fit. We loved the master bedroom suite, it was huge, had a changing area, and the whole living space was well laid out. No basement, no attic, but big closets and a closed off garage that would do for storage. We did not like the exterior - it is due for a new roof soon, the panelling is falling off in the back, and there are renters in at the moment which might be another hassle. Mostly we were underwhelmed by the location. It is in the middle of the built up portion, near the mall, with road noise, apartment complexes and businesses. One in five houses on the street needed visible work, either to the panelling or to the roof. Our back yard backs onto the police station. It felt like the sort of place where you need a security system. I was tired and cranky and argued against it, J loved the space. Will think on it again in the morning.

Leftover brisket for dinner, J made some extra carrots.

Was very tired after dinner, put on the movie Pearl Harbor while I played with the baby and J read. Bad idea, the movie just ended. It was better than I expected, hokey, but still capable of manipulating emotions.

And so to bed.

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