Hound did not want

April 28, 2003

Hound did not want her lunch, I got off her schedule. No wonder we have a skinny dog. Lunch was toodle - one box kraft mac n cheese, some leftover cooked linquine, some orange cheese powder from king arthur flour, 2 cans tuna, milk, olive oil. It was salty and nasty and disgusting. I ate it with ketchup. I left about a quarter of it for another meal. Opened a new gallon of milk today.

Finished prepping for class, wrote the third section exam, recorded grades, talked briefly to the lawyer, and headed to class. Class went OK - Richard Nixon, Watergate, Vietnam, and then after the break NOW and the ERA. I ran out of time to do evaluations - will do them a week late.

The ride home was slow - the train stopped for a few minutes. Home around 9:00, dinner around 9:30 - finished the linguine with the rest of the chicken and mushrooms, a barbecued breast from Sunday, some mayo and some olive oil. I am short on vegetables for today, even after drinking a glass of apple cider.

I forgot to order more niacin, and the pharmacy is not answering their phone. I need to stop by tomorrow morning, pick up drugs after teaching on my way home from the gym.

Started grading the civil war papers. The first one was good, the second one was word salad. I am too tired to read word salad.

Will read a little fiction and then to bed.

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