An ok morning, not

April 28, 2003

An ok morning, not a great morning. To bed late, spent some time looking at Home Depot, spent some time surfing a game sight, but mostly just was being a lump and not going to bed. Chased myself to bed around 12:45. J's alarm went off at 6:45, and I got up to wake her. 6 hours of sleep, and because I was rattling last night I get NO nap and controlled quantities of caffeine.

Breakfast, a cup of coffee, then walk the dog. Then went to read email and started grading, forgot to eat breakfast or to feed the hound. Spent some of that time looking up information on the lake in the back yard of the new house. Graded another 40 homeworks or so. I NEED to stay up on homework assignments. It is bad for me to let them stack up, and unfair to the kids not to return them promptly. Had a bowl of cheerios mid morning, then back to work. Stopped at lunchtime and decided to write this before feeding hound, eating lunch, showering, and finishing prep for class. Remember to bring library book in with me, mail back from post office under city hall.

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