A day of much

April 27, 2003

A day of much exercise and much grading.

Graded in the morning while baby napped. Around noon I had a cookie and some milk and then headed to the storage area to put the Passover boxes away, from there to the gym for legs day. Gym weight 178.6

  • warmup: moved boxes, 4:00 cycle, stretch, oh squat bar *10, fr squats bar*5
  • power squat, bar*10, 135*3, 185*2, 225, 255*5,4. Second set felt stronger but ran out of gas and decided not to push. Next week is triples !
  • Deadlift. Overdid it last time so went easy today. 225, 275. changed to sumo deadlift, 225*6, 275*3, did another standard dl at 275. Standard feels stronger, but Sumo might be better off the floor if I trained it as I have been training standard. Sumo was easier on my back, used more legs. I can hold the inside of the rough and go sumo, it might be worth trying.
  • Front squats, 135 (from the pins), 135*3 (standard), 185, 195 *2. did not push. when I set it up I did not strip the bar entirely in order to move the brackets, instead I put 135 on the pins (just above knee height) then did a rack squat from absolute rock bottom to pick up the bar again. Was dizzyingly difficult. Between the first exercises and that setup I had no strength for work sets.

  • Good mornings, 135*8,8. Form limited - watch concentration
  • standing calf 180*10, 230*8,6
  • pull throughs, wide stance, 130*10

Was enough, called it there.

Cardio: recline cycle, 20 minutes, 20 resist, 51 rpm, about 400 "calories" - forget if was 388 or 405.

Home and had a hungry baby before I could have my lunch. The little fellow had a hollow leg today - he ate his cereal and chicken and carrot, and wanted more. So he got some formule - nope, want more FOOD. So he got more carrots. Still hungry. The rest of the jar. Still hungry. some apple sauce. Still hungry. The rest of the apple sauce and another small bowl of cereal. Enough food, finally. He then napped for two hours and woke up bigger. I think he just had a growth moment.

Lunch was grilled cheese with tuna, 2 sammiches, 1 can tuna, 6 slices not-cheese, some margarine for the cooking, mayo and mustard. J ate a third of one sammich. Late lunch, about 3:00, still less than an hour after left the gym.

Graded in the afternoon. Went for a run before dinner.

It was a long slow run - a little over a mile I think. Ran the "6" loop as an out-and-back, added a loop around the first block in the next complex. With dog, very slow. At one point I looked down and the dog was walking, not even trotting. Mixture of forefoot outer, midfoot-ball, midfoot-heel footstrikes. Legs were dead after lifting. NOTE - don't do a long run 3 hours after a heavy legs day.

We fired up the grill and cooked for the next couple of days - J made a vinagrette and I used it to cook a large pack of boneless breasts. Then I grilled an eggplant, in slices, then I grilled 5 turkey burgers. Dinner was 2 turkey burgers on buns, 2 slices of eggplant, condiments, and onions. Was good, but I got hungry again around 10:00. Had a glass of milk.

I dug out the George R.R. Martin that I had put down earlier. I did not like the gloom, the way that everything was going to pot and terrible things were about to happen to our heros and heroines. So, I peeked ahead, saw what terrible things actually were going to happen, and then settled down to see more. I am still torn, I don't like the way he works his plot - I feel manipulated. It is a bloody mess, with characters dying all over the place - everyone gets one mistake but not two and sometimes not even one. And yet, it is still compelling. Read a few pages on the can, and a few more while grilling. Gym reading is some light history.

So, what have I done today? Finished grading the section exams. They are not all commented, but they all have a letter on them. Graded all the back homework from C067, about 80 items. Started writing the third section exam for C068. Looked at the syllabus for US 101 over the summer. Cooked, exercised, talked to J, played with the baby.

We are still fashing ourselves over the house we are buying. It has a wet basement, at least after heavy rain. We have STUFF to store. These are not compatible. The living space is good, we like that, but we have stuff and stuff and more stuff and where will it all go? American houses are just not built for people who have a lot of books. And, to make it worse, we also have a lot of china, and a lot of clothing, and J's old fabric projects. J decided to trim down her fabric collection, which will help. I need to think about trimming games again, they do no good to anyone locked up in boxes.

I hope that we will be able to install a pull-down stairs in the new house, that the attic is tall enough to be worth boarding over and using for hot storage of boxes. If not we are looking at buying a house and STILL having a storage unit full of stuff - just a smaller cheaper unit.

Enough of this, am tired and need to start to bed.

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