Slept about midnight to

April 19, 2003

Slept about midnight to about 7:00, call it 7 1/2 hours or a little under.

Tired, wanted to sleep more.

Breakfast: yoghurt with raisins and almonds and a little honey, one sheet matzhoh, two small cups coffee - about 10oz brewed half-caff.

Edit, came back at 10:30pm to add the rest of my day.

Read the news, graded a little. J went to schul. Matzoh brie for lunch after she and baby got back. After lunch graded a little, I snuck a dreml in my desk chair, then we went and drove around neighborhoods. I had been strongly in favor of rose lane over the house by the mall, after looking again I only have a mild preference for the neighborhood with the small house in good condition. We think the twin by the mall is overpriced, but are kicking around the idea of a bid contingent on them fixing the siding and addressing the fact that it will need a new roof soon.

Grocery shopping as a family. J was very sleepy and out of it. I cooked dinner. Ground turkey, matzoh brie, mushrooms, onions, garlic, cinammon, salt, pepper and parsley. I sauteed in a dutch oven, added the mushrooms after browning them in a separate pot, stirred in two eggs and some chicken soup, and baked until it set. Was ok. Had with jacketted sweet potatoes and J made a spinach and mushroom salad.

After dinner graded, looked a little at a web comic between papers. Alltogether I did first read on 14 papers, have another 7 or so do do tomorrow morning.

Finished playing with hardware on the new computer. Checked jumpers to make sure cpu slot was running at full speed, pulled my old hard drive to put it in J's machine, closed the case and moved it down to the floor. I now have more desk space, but with a computer under the desk I can not write longhand in that spot. Still, it opens up the room to get the big grey beast off the table - it was looming over everything.

And so to bed.

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