Scottoline - Legal Tender

September 17, 2004

Scottoline, Lisa.
Legal tender
New York : HarperCollins Publishers, 1996.

This is a perfectly readable thriller. Our heroine is a tall, athletic, lawyer in Philadelphia. Her ex-boyfriend and current law partner is murdered, she is framed for his murder, and she goes on the run while trying to figure out who really did it.

The plot is a fairly straightrforward running detective. The fun part, for me, was the local color and her picture of life in a big legal firm. Scottoline worked in Philadelphia for a while and has written a mess of Grisham-lite novels set in her home town. I think I have found a new source of light reading.

As for this one - it kept me reading. I read late night, while working with insomnia, and I think I need to check the conclusion because I have forgotten exactly what motive she gave the final killer - I think I was distracted by the improbable final confrontation. Other than the conclusion, which was silly, the body of the book is a perfectly reasonable light read. I had a fun hour or so flipping pages.

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