September 17, 2004


It was a slight and entertaining comic book action movie. Just a couple of thoughts really:
- Nazis make such wonderful villains.
- Rasputin makes a fine name to conjure with, but their villain of that name has NOTHING in common with the illiterate Russian peasant who brought down the Romanovs.
- Why is it that the bad guys get HUGE underground complexes filled with complicated and violent clockwork? Who maintains this stuff? Who dug those tunnels? Why can't I afford a proper basement in my little house?
- Americans really do prefer free will to predestination, and this movie was yet another chance to have the media tell us that free will beats predestination.
- H.P. Lovecraft is influential; gotta love devils and dark gods who are basically very big squid with too many eyes.

That is all. It was a slight, but vaguely entertaining movie. It only challenged my disbelief every other scene - how do you have a secret organization when demons from Hell are trashing subway trains and rampaging through street festivals? At least Men in Black had the memory flash devices. This movie just tells the audience that a talking head on TV can deny it ever happened. Then again, look at what Dick Cheney has been able to say about Iraq. I might be a bit idealistic.

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