Garden Blogging 2006

March 20, 2006

Well, we finally got around to starting the garden.

I still have to pull leaves out of the beds, but the boys and I went and seeded peppers today. We are only starting seedlings for sweet (Burpee carnival mix) and hot (re-planted a couple of my Thai Dragons) peppers. I will seed a few flowers directly into the garden once the weather finishes warming up.

But it has to be a very simple garden this year, because I am right busy. I actually stopped clearing leaves last weekend even thought it was a beautiful day for it, because the boys went in for nap and that meant that I could go write. So, I left the leaves half-bagged and went to write - and it has not been warm enough during non-writing hours since then.

Still, we take what we can get. And peppers are about the only thing that I can grow that the squirrels do not take.

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