Olympics opening ceremonies

February 10, 2006

J and I watched part of the Olympic opening ceremonies tonight while I put together the tricycle for younger son's 2nd birthday party Sunday.

I had a couple of banal thoughts, nothing like my comments on previous ceremonies.

The first is that as I get more geezerly I have less and less patience for TV sports. I just find myself wanting to get up and go do something else after about half an hour of watching.

The second is that I will be rooting for the Czech ice hockey team. You just have to root for someplace whose past includes the defenestration of Prague and Vaclev Havel.

The third is that I stayed in the room with the opening ceremonies until the Mongolian team came in. I liked the hats. Like the Czech Republic, Mongolia is a place that I am fascinated by, have warm feelings towards, and would love to visit. In fact, if the University of Ulan Bator ever hires an Americanist, I will apply for the position.

And so to, well, I should go to bed, but City of Heroes just reactivated my old account for two weeks.

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