By what I can not say

February 07, 2006

Work is going well.

I did sign a confidentiality agreement, and I believe in not blogging anything recognizable and not blogging anything you would not be willing to say to the people you are talking about. So, don't expect a lot of workplace blogging about the day gig.

I will simply say that it is fun (at the moment), and that with any luck I am a little ahead of schedule on the contract. But, I will also be losing all my evening time this weekend, and losing some time to daycare problems next week (scheduled day where we have to cover younger son.)

Oh, and I am working on an older PC, although still far younger than my 486-powered laptop that won't talk to modern networks. It gets the job done, especially now that I have installed Wordperfect on it, but it does so without any of the amenities of the home machine. I still get more done there than I think I would manage to get done here.

I have a contract gig - I can work anywhere. I asked them to make me some office space so that I could work at the company's local office. I did so because there are fewer, or at least different distractions there, because I was getting SICK of staying at home and working in this office, and because I wanted to be able to grab people for a quick question while I figured out what exactly I was supposed to be doing.

I do like taking the train in, and I am very happy that the office is just a short walk from the PATCO station. In fact, once upon a time my dad worked for a different company on the upper floors of the same building, and I used to work in the building across the street. I like the energy that comes from being in the city, being surrounded by people, even the train ride gives me a chance to get my head into the day in a way that walking the hound just does not.

We will see how things go, but for now I believe that I am being enough more productive in the office environment that I am willing to eat the Philadelphia wage tax (and the tedious extra book-keeping that goes with it.)

And so to do the dishes and laundry, and then think some more.

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