Food rules

November 09, 2005

It hit me the other day that we have four food rules that we keep repeating at the table. They are a little more complicated than "eat what you want, then stop," but rules 1 and 3 are mostly refinements on the core principles.

1, The "no thank you" helping: You have to take a bite of everything on your plate.
2, After that bite, eat as much (or as little) as you want.
3, No extra serving of a thing while you still have some of that thing on your plate.
4, Stop when you have had enough, even if there is still food on the plate.

When the kids get a little older we will add one of J's family's rules as rule 2a - if you want something other than what the family is eating, take your no-thank-you bites and then cook yourself what you want to eat. i.e. eat a bite of chocolate haggis, then go make yourself a peanutbutter sammich.

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