November 09, 2005

Yesterday I took the boys with me to the voting booth. Elder Son got scared of the dark booth (lever machine, with curtain) and stayed outside with his book. Younger son will go anywhere and do anything if he can be held, and so I held him as we went in to vote. Then I got to try to explain voting and elections to a three-year-old. I don't know if he got it, even after I had the boys start voting on simple household decisions like should we turn right or left as we walk around the lake.

I was glad to see that Corzine won. Now perhaps the Clintons will stop calling our house and telling us to go out and vote. I would be glad that it will once again be safe to turn on the TV without getting negative ads, but the TV is on so rarely that I think that would just be gloating.

And, I am glad that it appears to be safe to move to Dover, PA, even though I will continue to think twice before applying to jobs in Kansas.

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