Resume out-take

September 13, 2005

I have not been teaching this semester - you may have noticed the silences on the blog.

I decided that adjunct teaching did not pay well enough for the time that it took, and so I went looking for a straight job. Nothing yet, but I am still looking.

I have to wonder how many of the first twenty or fourty jobs I applied to were lost because my first couple of resumes were not so good. I rewrote the thing today so that it now emphasizes abilities and not previous employment. Excerpts below the fold. It still needs work, but it is much better than it was.

Areas of Effectiveness

Research. Used documents found in archives, law libraries, legislation, and newspapers to explain past actions. Expanded census data to create statistical models. Built biographical tracking database. Built econometric databases with data from BLS, BEA, USDA and other agencies. Organized large data-entry project for [previous employer].

Analysis. Created statistical model to estimate per capita productivity for two states over a sixty-year period. Explained cultural patterns during era of rapid social and economic change. Explained workings of federal and state government. Redesigned databases to extract more information. Created and ran SPSS models.

Writing. Created complex documents to explain historical change. Able to make ideas and procedures clear for the reader, from how to lift a barbell to how to sing in church to why the Supreme Court decided cases.

Presentation. Experienced lecturer and public speaker. Designed and maintained web pages. Taught undergraduates and college professors. Created functional front end for database.

Expert: Wordperfect, MS Access, MS Excel, HTML, Dreamweaver.
Experienced: MS Word, css, Cold Fusion, Adobe Photoshop, Powerpoint.
Familiar: SQL, SPSS. Pascal, rexx, PL1, Fortran, Aremos.
Hardware: Built own personal computer and installed home LAN.
Languages: Partially fluent in French.

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