Phil Folk

September 13, 2005

We went to the Philadelphia Folk Festival a couple of weekends ago, and I forgot to blog about it. (Actually, I felt uncomfortable blogging about a music festival while the news was all Katrina all the time.)

It was good fun.

We went with J's father and step-mom, who had come down from Boston for the festival and to attend Elderson's birthday party the previous weekend. We day tripped Saturday and left before the end of the evening concert.

Highlights for me were Bethany and Rufus, Airdance, and the Johnson Girls. I got the B&R cd, and want to get some Airdance.

I liked about half of what Wolfstone did. To my ear they were powerful, driving, and compelling when they played hard rock and roll with lead bagpipes skirling over the top. They were just another boring English pop band when the piper shifted to whistles and the other guys started to sing. And, much as I liked the hard folk-rock sound, I suspect that a full evening of just bagpipes and guitars would be like a bluegrass festival too much of the same sound.

J. was quite taken with Artisan and the Johnson Girls. She wanted to like Footworks, but preferred the things they used to do when they were the Fiddle Puppets. She still likes the group, but did not like the show they put on for the festival.

Elder Son loved Airdance, mostly because their drummer, Sam Zucchini, played a "boomy drum" aka a Bodhran. He also really liked the piper who opened the evening concert, and sort of liked Wolfstone's bagpiper as well.

Littler Man's favorite part was going to the dance tent for some square dancing. I danced for about an hour while holding him, flipping him from right hand to left depending on which hand I was about to need for the dance.

I think J's dad liked the Johnson Girls the most, but he is big into maritime music and sea chanteys. The J girls do have a HUGE sound, very impressive with lots of open chords and powerful harmonies.

It was good fun, and we expect to be back again next year.

Oh, and J and I talked about it and decided that the kids are big enough that we can start going out and doing things again, and that the thing we most enjoy doing is folk music and folk dancing.

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