Sudden Change

August 29, 2005

We often hear that we live in an era of constant and sudden change. I was reminded of this when reading John Leland this morning, and now give you some of his thoughts.

It is now fifty-nine years since the independence of the United States was declared. In this length of time the inhabitants have increased from three to fourteen millions. The changes that have taken place are innumerable. Sixty-five years ago I was old enough to observe the face of things, and see what was going on: had I been in a dead sleep the sixty-five years, and were not to awake, such a change has taken place in the face of the earth, in architecture, in all the arts, in costume and regimen, and in the forms of religion, that I should doubt whether I had awakened in the same world. The love of money, sexual correspondence, diseases and death, however, remain stationary.
John Leland, Appendix to Autobiography, July 4, 1835.
Works of Elder John Leland (New York, G.W. Wood, 1845) pp 39-40.

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