Birthdays like Chanukah

August 29, 2005

Elderson turned three last week. He is turning from a toddler into a little boy. He talks, no, he chatters constantly. He runs about. He is both cute and shy. He is a good helper. He has lost his hollow leg (but can still eat remarkable quantities every third day.) He is almost potty trained, meaning that he rarely pees his pants but almost never calls a poop before it happens.

We treated his birthday sort of like Chanukah. There were about three different little things, but no single overwhelming moment.

J's parents came down from Boston to see us and go to Phil Folk (next post), and so we went to my folks' place last Saturday before last to have chocolate cake and presents from the grandparents.

On Wednesday, his actual birthday, he got his two big presents from us: a decorated cake from the bakery to take to day care and eat with his friends, and a bicycle. They cost about the same (before we paid to have the bicycle assembled.) This is, I guess, either a statement about Chinese bicycles at Walmart or a statement about hand-decorated sheet cakes at McMillan's Bakery. It was a pretty cake.

Then, yesterday, he had three of his friends over for playtime, more chocolate cake (this time decorated by Dad), and presents from his friends.

It worked out well - no one day was overwhelming, he got to feel special for a week, and now we return to ordinary time.

Oh, and I got to eat chocolate cake twice in eight days. It would have been three times, but the kids did not leave any bakery cake for us to eat. Still, everyone is happy. Especially his baby brother, who likes the bicycle.

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