Red Counties / Blue Counties II

November 08, 2004

In the post below I called for a population-scaled cartogram of the county-level Presidential vote. Via Crooked Timber I see that Michael Gastner, Cosma Shalizi, and Mark Newman at the University of Michigan have some spiffy election maps. It is much like Suresh's prettier but more distorted (Philadelphia should be 3 times the size of Wyoming, its suburban counties, Wyoming, and Vermont should all be about the same size) map.

In addition to their red/blue/purple county cartogram (map distorted by population) they also have a very useful histogram of counties that went for Bush or Kerry by the percentage of the vote. A few counties gave a huge number of votes for Kerry - Philadelphia alone produced a margin of over 300,000 votes - while a great many counties gave a small majority for Bush.

What this means is that Michelle Malkin was half right (she often is.) Much of the nation did prefer Dubya to Big John. But, most of the places that went for her candidate had a large minority who did not care for him. Her bright red map of triumph should really be a magenta map of cautious optimism.

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