More reading lists

August 04, 2004

Following Phil Carternew Army reading lists, discussed below, Stryker has posted the Air Force version.

I have not read any of these. More books to the in shelfshelves.

But for now, I am off to sleep. Well, after I finish reading Sgt. Mom's most recent wonderful story about raising a daughter while on active duty. You have to like any story that begins

“Mom? Is it OK if we stop by the bar on the way home from Vacation Bible School?” asked my daughter one morning in the summer of 1989 or so, and I confess that I had lived overseas for so long at that point, that it took me at least five minutes to realize that to most Americans there would be seeing something seriously out of whack about that sentence. Especially since I replied,
“OK, sweetie, just call me when you get home.”

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