Methods and Conclusions

August 05, 2004

Winston Smith, the dreaded Philosoraptor, explains that he dislikes most of the current political commentary because folks ignore reason and process in order to come up with their desired conclusions.

I caught clips from Bill O'Reilly's interview of Michael Moore. Now, both of these guys are full of shit. I tend to dislike Moore less since I'm more inclined to agree with many of his conclusions; however I think conclusions are less important than most people think they are. I'm more inclined to identify someone as an ally because his methods of inquiry are rational than I am to identify that person as an ally because I happen to agree with his/her conclusions. Moore is willing to distort the facts when they don't support his preferred conclusion, and that is the cardinal sin in all inquiry, including political inquiry.
I have to say that I agree with him. I will accept a good argument if it proves me wrong about something. I hate a bad argument even if it is for a true point. And, alas, far too much of the GWB crowd has been along the lines of "the sky is blue because the cat pissed on it." "Why are you complaining about the details of cat piss - can't you see that the sky is blue!" And then, of course, spending billions on airborne cat piss reduction initiatives. Or not, depending on whether pissing cats produce jobs.

You know, I think I need a better metaphor. I also need to clean the @&^#%$ catbox.

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