Ab Flab!

August 20, 2004

Ab Flab! Or, Middle Aged men and the people who love their bouncing love handles.

I went running shirtless in the park today, and while wandering back I came up with this little poll.

Under what circumstances should a pudgy middle-aged man take his shirt off:

A: While jogging in the park
B: While watering the lawn
C: While playing with the baby
D: While taking a shower
E: While having sex
All of the above
none of the above
All but A
All but B
All but C
All but D
All but E

I decided not to make "Whenever he feels like it" a choice - if that is your call then simply say "all of the above."

I voted "All but C" -- the boys both have clutching, grasping little hands that pull my chest hair.

Other than that random thought, it was a nice run. Jogged a mile at 11:00 pace, then ran some running drills that exposed just how much work I still have to do. Lets just say that working on about a 30 yard grass course, I was able to finish a set of 4 striders, unable to finish either the set of 2 knee-slappers or the set of 2 butt-kickers. But I do like running drills and intervals. I am a little twisted that way.

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