The Return of Three

April 20, 2004

While I was grading papers my advisor was going over the latest chapter three. His conclusion: better but not yet good enough. I need to sharpen my prose; I need to mention the depression of 1837-1842; I need to make clearer tables with better explanations; I need to discuss the depression of 1837-1842 in my section on the finances of benevolent organizations; and I need to trim 10 pages.

All in all, a good review in that nothing there requires major changes and in that I had slapped the tables together to see if they made any sense. It should be a fairly straightforward set of revisions.

I still intend to do some rough carpentry on two, then decide if I should polish three or four next. I have fallen behind a little - I try to have something new to give my advisor just as quickly as he gets things back to me.

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