Sleep and meetings

April 28, 2004

The toddler was up and screaming at 4:00 this morning.

This would not have been such a bad thing, except that I had been rattling around until about 1:00 am, tired but unable to sleep.

It was the first rattle I have had in weeks. This one, I think, had three causes. I had gone to a town council meeting from 4:30 until about 7:00 because they were discussing a development plan for our neighborhood that was well conceived, badly drawn, and poorly explained to the residents. I brought a letter for the council, stood up and spoke, chatted with some new friends, and headed home. I do need to get more involved with the town - I will join the town improvement club, help out at the spring plantings, and help organize a block association. That got me a mite excited.

I then had a late dinner, eating around 9:00, for after I got home I had to help put the kids to bed, walk the hound, decide what leftovers appealed, and then chow down.

Finally, I had a little gastric distress - the chile burritos combined with the second pot of coffee during the early afternoon left me with some heartburn and discomfort. I am not sure if the coffee was more disruptive from the caffeine or from the acidity. In either case, I am partway through this morning's pot as I write this.

So, I am very glad indeed that I was able to convince J to take the screaming toddler from 4:00 until 6:00. At 6:00, which is the middle of his usual wakening window, she handed toddler over to me and went back to bed herself. She is still asleep and appears to be down for the morning.

Kids are exhausting, but they are also good fun.

Oh, and the infant was a hit at the town council meeting - I was babysitting while J had a work meeting up in Trenton so infant and I went to participate in local government. The mayor talked a lot about encouraging families with young children to move to our neighborhood by declaring the residential sections part of a development zone; I stood up with the infant in my arms and pointed out that we like the idea of development but insist that the neighbors get site plan review.

Either he had bold plans that he backed off from, or, more likely, they really did mean the large development zone as a blunt tool to perform minor improvements and did not stop to think about how people who were not at the planning meetings would interpret the language of the proposed statute.

Looks like I get to go to planning board meetings in my copious free time.

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