Cat Poop

April 27, 2004

You don't have to read this one.

Our cat is about 15 years old - she was a young stray when J acquired her in 1991.

Slowly over the last few years she has been struggling with decreased motility in her GI tract - the muscles can no longer push the stool along, it dries out as it goes through the colon, the more it dries the slower it goes, and you get a vicious cycle ending in complete blockage.

So, every so often the kitty goes to the vet for her kitty enema. Such fun.

She is blocking more often recently, and has been to the vet three times in the last two months - that is a lot of vet visits even before you add the blood tests we just ordered to make sure there is nothing else wrong with her.

So, we got a syringe and a thin rubber hose and instructions on how to give a high enema to a kitty cat. The current model is that she is fine as long as she delivers a proper stool once a day: if she goes 24 hours without a poop or if she delivers a string of nasty little pooplets, we start mixing up the soap solution.

For the last three days, ever since the cat got back from the last vet visit, J has proudly informed me that the cat has pooped.

This makes me most happy.

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Hmm, I love a good cat story but this might be a little too much information.

Posted by: Ursula at April 27, 2004 12:46 PM
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