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March 21, 2004

Saturday was a busy day and I neither took garden pictures nor blogged about the garden.

It appears that the "official" date for setting seedlings, according to the garden section of the Inquirer is Mother's day, the second Sunday in May. I had expected to set seedlings the last week in April, and so I started my seeds a couple of weeks earlier than the garden folks suggested. I guess that my internal rythms are still on Virginia time.

The Balsam are getting leggy, a bad sign, and the African Daisies are looking first leggy and then wilted. I am glad I saved seed from most of my flowers as I will probably end up re-sowing in the dirt in early May. On the bright side, the Thai dragon peppers are all up, finally. I started seeds so I could have Thai dragons, and all the rest of the seedlings are riding on the hot peppers' coattails.

Outdoors, the miniature Iris are mostly up. They look a little sparse this year, as do the crocus. I fear that when I planted bulbs I was thinking three years ahead and with the assumption that the bulbs would naturalize and thrive. If they do, then I will have a nice collection of clumps of bulbs. If they do not thrive, the garden will look scattered and patchy. We will see what happens.

This is the correct weekend to prune roses, I have a little bit of new growth on mine where I pruned them a couple of weeks ago. Of course, it will get bitter cold (for the season, mid 20s) tonight and tomorrow night, so we will see what happens to the plants.

I should be getting the new bare-root roses in a couple of weeks, which means that I need to test my soil for acidity and see if I will need to correct anything. I suspect that the soil is already acid - the roses are going to be planted amid cyprusses and tulip bulbs - but it will be reassuring to test. While I am at it I will also test the tomato and pepper gardens.

That is about all. The seedlings and the indoor hot peppers are out on the front porch getting some needed sunlight and some un-needed wind. If I get around to playing with pictures I will post a followup.

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