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March 19, 2004

Every so often I like to "Blog it Forward" - say a few words about the various people on my blogroll explaining why I read them and why I publicize my links to them. When J told the 'rents about the blog, my first response was that Dad should not click any of the NWS links.

They did not ask me, but I later asked myself, why was it that I have links on my blog that I don't want folks to click?

The answer is that I tend to blog about gender and sexuality issues, I like to read honest well-written confessionals, and all of the NWS blogs on my roll are things that make me think. They are explicit, but their interest goes beyond ballistics. So, lets say a few words about each.

Belle de Jour
Recent revelations have shown that Belle de Jour is not written by an upscale London call girl but by another author who has the same name! Maybe not. Belle has been getting flack and people wondering if she is for real because she appears to be far too articulate polished and classy to be a prostitute. Who knows? Who cares? I do know that she has a wonderful sardonic take on the world around her, and on her activities. And while I happen to agree with her rhetorical question: what else is a girl with an English degree to do if she wants something more honest than advertising? I have also been noting the ways in which her new profession has been hurting her dating life; Gandhi warned that one of the great sins of the modern era is sex without love, and Belle has lost one boyfriend and screwed up a potential replacement because of her job. Still, Belle writes wonderfully and is generally the second blog I read each morning.

Cat Nastey
Cat is a perky Canadian lass with roots in the fetish subculture. I blogrolled her because she recently fell in love and has been writing about her "lovely boy." I enjoy reading her take on the world, both on the sex blog and on her other, more private blog. Cat has been exploring her boy, exploring Wicca, dreading her soul-sucking job working for a batch of dreadfully boring accountants, and thinking about getting back into the fetish scene. I love her sense of enthusiasm.

Heather Corinna
Heather made the blogroll because I like to think about sex and gender, and Heather regularly writes about sex and gender. Heather makes her living as a sex writer and photographer, taking pictures of herself and of her friends, maintaining Scarleteen, a wonderful resource on sexuality for teenagers, and opining on the world around her. She boxes, she is an artist, she is an entrepreneur, and she writes about class and gender and sexual orientation. What's not to like about her? Oh, and sometimes she is a redhead as well. I read her only a couple of times a week, but every time it is 20 minutes well spent.

Eros Blog
Bacchus runs a portal. Unlike many sexuality link sites, he has interesting taste and a wonderful sense of humor. He, like Cat, made it onto the blogroll because he fell in love and blogged about it. I can indeed be a sentimental romantic at times. I read him for two things: the recurring tale of the romance between Bacchus and his Nymph in the Net, and for his very good eye for what other sex bloggers write. Some of his links cross the line into gross, but most of them are both amusing and make me think.

Just One Bite
Eden rocks. In fact, since I know she reads this, Eden inspires me to make the following offer: Anyone on my blogroll who is in greater Philly and wants to go for coffee, send an email and we will set something up. Eden is a wonderfully complicated woman, compulsively honest and well aware of the multiple facets of her personality. She is an effective businesswoman, a wonderfully lucid writer, a good storyteller, a submissive, an occasional switch, a person living with ADHD and a woman with quite the libido. I started reading her blog for the sex stories -- prurient desire has its place. I continue to read it because I am fascinated with the woman. Like many of the other NWS blogs she is falling in love. Maybe. She is not sure, nor is her man. They are in a long distance relationship and have not yet met, but Eden blogs about their slow-moving negotiations and flirtations. I check her blog daily, usually third blog of the day after Crooked Timber and Belle de Jour. If you search my archives for Eden, Just One Bite, or her old blog Dirty Whore you will find several moments in my archives where something she wrote inspired me to think and then to write in response. What's not to like about a smart sexy woman who shares her brain and her imagination? Ps, Eden, good luck recovering from the wisdom teeth surgery.

Carly has a ridiculous job. She will gladly tell you that her job is ridiculous, in fact, much of her blog is about the sheer absurdity that she encounters on a fairly regular basis. Carly is a relatively straightlaced woman who works as a publicist in the pornography business. Of course, straightlaced for the porn world is about 8 on the scale of 1 to 10 for the regular world - all these things come with context. She is another person who it would probably be fun to have coffee with, although she would make me blush - this is the woman who went speed dating and then asked complete strangers if they did anal?. She is also a stringer (main editor - I am not sure about the exact job title) for Fleshbot. I read Carly because she writes with great perception about an industry devoted to making money from sex and gender issues. If there is an emotional hot spot, or an undercurrent in the zeitgiest, someone will be sure to make a cheap porno to try to take advantage of that particular market segment, and Carly is likely to make a catty remark about it. This is a workplace blog, and a fun read. Note, Dad does not get to click this link because Carly goes on site for porn shoots and recounts what goes on there. Porn folks have different standards of body modesty than do most people.

I am not sure, but I think Twiddly was the first NWS blog to make my blogroll. She is another good writer, although she and her Danglybits, her husband, only update occasionally. Her blog is the closest of all my NWS links to a traditional sex blog as she and Dangly like to write about having kinky sex with one another, and with friends. She writes well, and honestly, and as a person who likes her husband, likes other people, likes sex, and enjoys herself. There is not enough joy in the world, and it is good to find someone who takes joy in her daily world.

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