Late and Early

March 05, 2004

Late to Bed and Early to Rise makes Ted a sleepy ineffective boy.

The infant has been keeping us up late, and I have been winning the 11:00-2:00 shift. He often gets to sleep around midnight, but not always, and so I get to see the neighborhood go to sleep around me. When I take the hound out for her last pee break all is dark and quiet around me.

The toddler was good this morning, sleeping in until 7:00. The two previous mornings he was up around 5:00. When he wakes around 5:00 we will often go out and see if the newspaper has arrived yet and enjoy those quiet still pre-dawn hours. On Wednesday and Thursday the neighborhood was asleep, the houses dark, and only a faint whisper of noise from the Pike a few blocks away told us that some folks were up and stirring. Today the sun was up over the trees and the school busses were running when we finally went out to fetch the paper and hang the flags.

Still, I needed my mid-morning nap and still I was ineffective for the first half of the day. Four hours of sleep and a 40 minute nap is not enough.

But now I have had my nap, I have had my lunch, J has returned with two new pounds of coffee (Columbian high-test and Columbian decaff) and I might possibly get some writing done. This blog entry is to prime the pump and get me going.

I just hope the coffee does not keep me up too late tonight.

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