February 03, 2004

The brouhaha about Janet Jackson exposing a breast on national TV reminds me of my ambivalent feelings towards getting my own nipple pierced. I told you this was a TMI post.

I am intrigued by nipple piercings. I am not sure if it is the striking image of metal against flesh, if it is the promise of increased sensation, or if erotic piercings are the next step now that genital shaving has gone mainstream, a way to mark one's body to indicate that sexuality is important.

I have chosen not to get one, and will not get one for many years yet. Why not? In reverse order of importance:

I sometimes attend science fiction conventions and, while J and I do not play in the BDSM scene we have friends who do. Some subgroups overlap, some individuals from those subgroups assume that a visible nipple piercing is an invitation for a twisting, and some of those individuals assume that a dectable piercing is effectively visible. I would respond to such an action with violence, and I am not much of a fighter despite having a terrible temper. If I were to get such a decoration it would be for me, not so some drunk at a con could ask me to punch him in the throat. Not a major reason, but there you go.

I would be vaguely embarassed to show it at the beach. I don't know why, but I would.

And, the real reason why I am not going to get anything pierced anytime soon, is that babies have little grasping pulling hands. Number one spent the first year of his life pulling my chest hair. Number two is coming and we might go for three. Until we are completely done with having kids, I do not want anything painful and grab-able attached to my chest. For a while with number one I thought about shaving my chest hair.

So, no new holes in my flesh for several years, and in several years I may not want one.

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