Janet Jackson

February 02, 2004

The whole blogosphere is chiming in on Janet Jackson and the Superbowl halftime show.

Baah Baah Baah

I am a sheep. I shall do so as well.

I had the TV on and was in the room during the halftime show - I missed the grand exposee. As I recall, I looked up from my book, noticed the samurai chic with Jackson's pants, wondered why she looks more and more like old pictures of Michael every time I see her, resolved that I do not, after all, care for the sort of music that show was presenting, and then went back to reading.

Carly at Pornblography has the best comment, as often happens in situations where the media get their collective panties in a knot over sexuality in popular culture:

Furthermore Ė and perhaps Iím taking this a little to feminiazi-ish, but bear with me Ė it bothers me to no end that the exposure of a female body part is so traumatizing. Why is this so offensive? Why does it require apologies abound? Granted Iím not suggesting that the next time I go out for dinner my dining companion should reach over and yank my top down, but Janet was clearly okay with the situation and didnít seem to be the least bit shamed by it. So why are we treating her like she should be?

And you all wonder why women have body issues.

I don't have a good answer yet, but it does remind me that I owe a couple more posts in the Body Issues series.

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