Teaching Grumbles

February 08, 2004


I prep classes a day or two ahead of time. I don't write out my lectures, and while I make a rough plan of my lectures at the start of the semester I leave things loose because, well, I know I will be revising them a day or two before the class regardless of what I had planned so why duplicate the effort.

In any case, I had a general idea of what to cover this week, and on Friday I sketched out a rough outline and some filler. I expanded that yesterday and started to do some reading. Tonight, after a day of errands and chasing the toddler, I go to finish writing up my lesson plan and I decide that I don't want to do half of my preliminary proposal.

So, I get to revise it almost from scratch - and while I know that plan A will not work, I don't yet have a plan B.

What do I want to say about the enlightenment? How much religion do I want to get into? Why am I focusing so heavily on England and France? Should I do more countries? (Frederick and Catherine and Maria Theresa are due on Wednesday)

I might look into Augustan England and France under the ancien regime. Let me double check the textbook and remind myself what information the kids will be bringing to the classroom.

And all I want to do is go to sleep early. Bother.

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