February 09, 2004

That last post was cryptic - I must have written it late at night.

The point of it was that I am wrestling with the look and feel of the new weblog. I have an acceptable front page; I have decided to keep the grey, yellowbeige, red color scheme. I am struggling with the best way to display my archives.

The big question is whether, when you click on a permalink or an extended entry, you should see a page that looks essentially like the main index or a page that looks essentially different - should it include the sidebar?

This question is made more difficult for me because, as a matter of aesthetics, I like permalinks that show the post but not the comments - comments belong in a pop-up window. The way MT works, if you archive individual entries, the comments go at the bottom of the entry; if you archive by day, week, or month, you can put the comments in a pop-up.

I think I need to dig some more, for I know I have seen MT blogs that expand a post in place for the extended entry.

And so to start my day.

EDIT - James at Outside the Beltway has exactly the functionality I was thinking of. He achieves it by using javascript. I learned my HTML before Javascript was invented, and I still mistrust it as a buggy wonder that adds little while breaking browsers and requiring people to upgrade to crap. However, those thoughts might be out of date. Certainly the lowest prevalent denominator among web browsing software now supports javascript.

Still, I have had the design philosophy of "cut the bells and whistles" beaten into me to the point that I have to have a compelling reason before I use a script, a frame, or an image. Compelling reasons exist, so I do use all of these design elements, but I try to make sure that the whole thing loads as smoothly as possible on as many browsers and browser conditions as possible.

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