Dawgs and Toddlers

February 22, 2004

The hound is half trained.

By this I mean that when I have been working with her regularly, she is generally safe to walk on heel and off lead through a crowded situation with pedestrians, traffic squirrels, and the like.

A fully trained dog can be chasing a squirrel when you command "SIT", and the dog then makes skid marks with its butt as it sits down in full stride. A half-trained dog is still pretty impressive to people who do not train their dog.

Why am I pointing this out? Because we have a half-trained dog who is also a fairly submissive dog, we don't need to do dominance exercises with her on a regular basis. She has always been good with people, now that the elder child is a toddler she is getting to be good with toddlers.

Eldest child added a new household chore today - he is almost 18 months old and likes to help. I have the dog sit (always be polite) then hand toddler the food bowl and have him put it down for the hound to eat from. Giving food is a dominance statement, and so we are reinforcing the proper relationship between toddler and hound.

I did not say that we do not play a lot of dominance games - we play a LOT of dominance games with the hound so that we do not HAVE to play dominance games with her.

And the little man does like to help out.

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