Computer Woes

February 21, 2004

I am still tired - little people do this to me. FiL also makes me tired.

I am in the process of troubleshooting my computer - it has developed the bad habit of shutting down on me without warning. The only pattern I have found is that some things will make it shut down quickly - running DOS mode graphics, running Direct X, copying one CD in Windows Media Player while playing a playlist from disk, trying to set up VPN, and working in the BIOS display screen at boot up.

Such fun.

Oh, and Brother in Law was kind enough to offer the use of his old 21 inch ViewSonic monitor as an upgrade to my 17 inch MAG. After a whopping 10 minutes with the new monitor, I am really impressed with my old MAG. This new thing is grainy and has colors that make my eyes hurt, although it might just be that I have adjusted to the old monitor after using it for 7 or 9 years.

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