Tolkein again

January 16, 2004

I am re-reading Fellowship of the Ring again, this time as an audiobook.

Sheila O'Malley has been on a Tolkein binge all this month - not linking it, too many posts to link. Check the sidebar and look for mid January. I want to comment, but I do not trust my memory enough to comment. And, since I am still waiting for the audiobook of Mystic River to wend its way through the hold sequence until it comes to me, LOTR:FOTR is it for me.

As I recall, Tolkein is wonderful on audiobook - the thick descriptions just flow through the speakers and paint a word picture. I know he wrote The Hobbit to be read aloud, I wonder if he was also hearing LOTR as he wrote it? I know that when I speak words to myself before writing them, they scan differently and flow differently than if I try to compose them for the written page.

And so to cook dinner, Meatloaf I think. There is something comforting about meatloaf and green beans on a cold winter Sabbath.

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