Reading and cooking

January 17, 2004

It is a day for reading and cooking, a bright cold day in January.

I plan to dig into the books I have on hand and look for help construing the tail end of chapter four. Along the way I am also doing some cookery - I have been craving home made pizza for much of the week so I will cook some tonight.

The dough is kneading in the kitchen as I write this. I think that the recipe I am working with will need to be adjusted - it uses a cup and a half of water and three and a third cups of flour. When I bake bread, I figure one third of a cup of water is right for a cup of flour - so if this were a bread flour it would need either 9 oz water or four and a quarter cups of flour. I added extra flour to bring it up to a ballparked four cups, and we will see how it works.

When trying something new, I always make it by the recipe once, then with variations a few times, then write down my own version. It is a pattern that works outside the kitchen as well.

And so to divide the dough and let it rise.

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